'Marul' is the divine power which is attainable either by sincere prayers and sincere services to the God or by hard toil and tasks to the deities and damsels. This power is not spontaneous like 'Arul' and it can only be obtained whenever the person attempts for it. This Marul will act upon a man only for a limited period of time. On the basis of this, the Pathinen Siddhars have categorised the forty-eight stages of Divine Beings.

The Father of Indhuism, the Pathinen Siddhar Peedam and Mutt had minutely classified the dwelling places of the divine beings into three major groups and sub-divided each of them into forty-eight types of temples. They are named as 'Karuvarai', 'Vettavely Karuvarai' and 'Vazhipaattu Nilaya Karuvarai'. There are definite procedures and methods for worshipping and offerings in each of these temples.

And Pathinen Siddhars alone are the authentic source of information regarding this. They have written down clearly about the worshipping procedures and the benefits attainable through these temples.